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Company Team Introduction

The company has an entrepreneurship team composed of highly educated and qualified personnel.

Our team is divided into four departments: R&D team, quality team, production team and sales team.

As the first batch of teams engaged in this industry in China, R&D team has witnessed the rapid development of the industry, accumulated rich R&D experience, and formed a scientific management system. Team members are young and energetic, innovative and courageous to meet challenges. They have a good sense of social responsibility, they are willing to contribute to the future of the company.

Our quality team is responsible for the strict quality control of products, and they are extremely strict about the details. Because of their efforts, the company's product quality will be better and better, customers will be more and more, they are the first line of defense products, they are young, solidarity and mutual help, it is a positive team.

The production team is the lifeline of the company and also the front line of the company. Our production team is composed of the production elite. They are strict with the product process, they have rich experience and they are good at improving the process. They have made great contributions to the company because they make better products.   

Sales team is a very passionate, creative, moral and talent of the whole, in order to achieve the company's business objectives in the forefront. We are committed to the accurate positioning and promotion of products through creative thinking, and to create greater value for enterprises with the least investment. We are extremely sensitive to the market, we can provide customers with high quality communication services, we insist on serving products, customers, we regard customers as God. Team members also have a strong ability to cooperate. In a word, sales team is an indispensable team of the company. They bring huge profits to the company and guarantee the company's profits.

Our team adheres to the spirit of “concentration, perfection, efficiency and reputation” and serves customers with the principle of “delivering well-designed products, providing high-quality services and creating a well-known factory”. It is intended to take good faith and achieve a win-win situation to create a glorious future together.

Our team members are hard-working, united and cooperative. They are rigorous, pragmatic and sincere.           

I believe that our company's team can work together to win a better future for our company! 


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